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  Welcome the Art Gallery of Christopher R. Scott. Please feel free to stroll through some his work.
   Chris Scott has over 46 years experience in Fine Art and Illustration. He has been drawing and painting since he was a small child. When he was very young he watched his oldest sister bring home fine art she had painted at the classes she attended and was always so proud of her art.
   Chris began drawing cartoons as a young child and by the age of seven he was enrolled in oil painting classes. he continued oil painting for many years. Growing up he took classes in arts & crafts and when he reached high school he attended graphic arts, architectural and mechanical drawing classes.
   When he was eighteen he was hired to manage the Printing Dept. for Delta Care, one of the largest dental health plans in California. By the age of twenty-one he began studying at Platt College of Graphic Design.
   While attending design school he began freelancing for a number of companies in California and continued to freelance for many years. Some of his accounts included Edgell Communications Inc. (publisher of top trade magazines), Rinker and Associates (assisted  on various accounts like The Queen Mary, Ice Capades, Disneyland, etc.), Asap Paving (handled advertising and art direction on all promotional projects) and Race Pace Promotions (developed ad campaigns, etc. ).
    While he was freelancing he felt a strong desire to get back to his fine art roots and began to produce the work that was closest to his heart. When he moved to Arizona in the early 90's he began painting the beautiful nature scenes he saw on a daily basis. He has had his work displayed in galleries in Texas, Arizona and California.

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