Sifu Christopher Scott
Sifu Christopher Scott was born in 1967 and grew up in a southern California suburb of Orange County just
outside of Los Angeles.  He was exposed to the Asian cultures before he could even speak and years later
eventually trained in Asia. His father traveled to Asia regularly for work until Sifu Scott was in his 20’s. As a baby
he shared a playpen with his best friend Saburo Usami and spent much of his youth growing up with Saburo’s
family. This was the beginning of his love and respect for what the Asian cultures have to offer
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image. Growing up in California he witnessed many things including a lot of violence and suffering. He learned
early that to survive he would have to engage in numerous fights to defend himself.

During his first year at Esperanza High School in Yorba Linda, Ca. Chris Scott was honored with the “Most
Improved Wrestler of the Year” award. During and after high school he attended a number of funerals related to
friends and family members who died tragic deaths, including gun shot wounds, drug overdoses, suicides, etc.
After Sifu Scott’s first martial art instructor, Sifu Frank Bruno, died of a gunshot wound he continued his studies
with two of Sifu Frank’s top students. He eventually earned his Black Sash under Sifu Gary Monteleone in Shaolin
Chuan (Chinese Kenpo) and trained extensively in Hung Kuen under Sifu Mike Francis. These early experiences
would later become the foundation of everything he would work for in the future.

After studying the Martial Arts for a few years Sifu Scott’s teachers began to recognize that he was very
dedicated and with a lot of hard work his skills grew quickly. He soon became respected in the community as not
only a good teacher but also as a healer, performing thousands of treatments for numerous injuries and
illnesses (many times for little to no money). In 1993 Sifu Scott began learning the art of Dit Dar (a.k.a.-Bone
Setting), Shiatsu/Tui Na massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine under the world renowned
Master Augustine
Fong, which he continued to study with Sifu Fong for the next 10 years. Master Fong learned these ancient arts
under a well-known doctor in Hong Kong, Doctor Wong, who in turn learned the arts from a Daoist monk. Sifu
Scott is one of only two people who were lucky enough to have studied exclusively under Master Fong and are
now licensed in the state of Arizona as Practitioners of Oriental Medicine.

Since studying the martial arts Sifu Scott has faced a number of people who want to challenge him, but he only
uses his skill when there is no other option. One example is when he was attending a seminar for acupuncture.
The teacher who was leading the class began bragging about his skills in Tai Chi. During a break Sifu Scott
humbly asked the Master if he taught push hands. He stated “yes” and asked if Sifu Scott would like to push
hands with him. Sifu Scott replied “sure”. While pushing hands the Master bragged about how his Sifu could
throw people with one finger, so Sifu Scott asked the Master if he would demonstrate his skill. The Master asked
Sifu Scott to attack, so he slowly and gently attacked the teacher with a controlled punch (as the teacher
requested). The Master suddenly overreacted and tried to violently control Sifu Scott with an elbow lock (risking
possible injury). Sifu Scott countered the attack with a firm shoulder strike and sent the Master flying backwards
about 15 feet without injury. Needless to say the teacher behaved in a more humble way for rest of the seminar.

In 2003 Sifu Scott settled in Avra Valley, Arizona and built his privatea training facility where he continued to train
and teach. In 2007 he decided to relocate to Seabrook, Texas to start the Asian Arts and Health Center. In 2016
after operating the Asian Arts & Health Center for 8 years Sifu Scott decided to close the Asian Arts & Health
Center and only teach serious and dedicated students privately away from the nonsense of commercial Martial

Sifu Scott has stayed loyal to his teachers. He has trained in both Hong Kong and the U.S. with some of the best
Chinese Martial Art practitioners in the world and has over 29 years experience. He has a deep respect for his
original teachers and the powerful lessons they passed on. In his early years of training Sifu Scott spent 6 to 8
hours a day 6 days a week studying and training. He is proficient in the art of Siu Lum Kuen (Shaolin Chuan) and
is a Practitioner of Oriental Medicine, L.Ac.. He is also an 8th generation practitioner of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
which he studied directly under Master Augustine Fong. Although Master Fong is most famous for the Wing Chun
System, Sifu Scott spent several years studying and teaching Tai Chi, Siu Lum Gung Fu and Qi Gung at Master
Fong’s school . Sifu Scott went to Master Fong to study martial arts only after his original Martial Arts Family
dissolved and there was no one left teaching. Master Fong gave Sifu Scott the humbling responsibility of
organizing Tai Chi demonstrations for the school and was also gracious enough to teach Sifu Scott a handful of
Siu Lum Gung Fu forms including his version of Hung Kuen’s Tiger & Crane set (Fu Hok Seung Ying), Drunken Fist
(Jui Kuen), and numerous weapons forms. He was also a member of Master Fong’s Lion Dance Team performing
at a number of special events and now continues the tradition with his students.

Sifu Scott has consistently taught Siu Lum Gung Fu (Shaolin Kung Fu), Tai Chi, Qi Gung and The Healing Arts. His
students have included people of all ages and from all walks of life. He also spent many years teaching Tai Chi
and Qi Gung to the elderly. Sifu Scott has done numerous lectures and demonstrations regarding the martial arts
and oriental medicine. Many of his students and patients in The Healing Arts have included Doctors, Nurses,
Pharmacists, Physical Therapists and other professionals from Western Medicine. After Hurricane Katrina hit
the Gulf Coast, Sifu Scott immediately left for Mississippi to help. He spent 3 weeks volunteering in some of the
worst hit areas helping military, law enforcement, medical staff, and victims of the hurricane with his skills in
Chnese medicine. He lso help in any other way needed. When Hurricane Ike hit Texas Sifu Scott’s school had
very little damage so he and Simo Carla immediately began getting involved with the community to help in
whatever way they could.

Sifu Scott has been featured on television and in newspapers and magazines including the “News 13 This
Morning Show” Tucson, AZ., the “Foothills Today Magazine”, “The Tucson Citizen”, the “Fit for Life” program
promotion on KVOA Channel 4 in Tucson, AZ., on the “CBS Evening News Channel 13” in Houston, TX., on SGN
Television, Houston, TX., and in the “Bay Area Houston Magazine”.

                                                                                                                                        By Carla R. Mann
Siu Lum (Shaolin) Hung Gar
Scott's Authentic Siu Lum Kuen & Yang Tai Chi Chuan
Carla R. Mann
Case Manager-Gulf Coast Center

Joe Acaba  
American Astronaut

Jenny S. Weil  (may you rest in peace)
Mother of Dr. Andrew Weil

Jimmy Halopoff
World Champion Pro Snow Boarder

Sifu Gene Fink
Black Sash Chinese Kenpo

Stephanie Franovich

Mike Taylor
Electrical Contractor

Gordon Marsh

Larry Smith
Some of Sifu Scott’s Students, Patients and Friends
© Christopher Scott, 2020
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