Scott's Siu Lum Kuen Adult Curriculum

Forms Information

Arrowhand - Jin Sao
The above form, along with a number of other Hung Kuen forms, principles and development drills, were originally taught to Sifu Christopher Scott while studying Hung Kuen with Sifu Mike Francis (Sifu Scott's older Gung Fu brother) after Sifu Frank Bruno died. Sifu Mike Francis was Sifu Frank Bruno's oldest student at that time.
Arrowhand is a short set but contains some very important principles. We teach this set as the first basic form for students to learn because it is so short. Arrowhand combines some of the most important and most used weapons in Scott's Siu Lum Kuen. This is the students' first introduction to the powerful Tiger Claw method. It also trains the student in straight punches, palm strikes, chops and a number of defensive skills.