Scott's Siu Lum Kuen Adult Curriculum

Forms Information

Five Animals Fist - Ng Ying Kuen
Sifu Scott originally learned this form from a very famous Hung Kuen family in Hong Kong. Sifu Scott will not claim lineage to this family because of his loyalty to Sifu Frank Bruno's Family Line and Sifu Fong. Although the version of this form was very well performed and structured, Sifu Scott was very disappointed by the Sifu's behavior and skills in actual applications. He learned the hard way that his training in the U.S. was far superior to what he experienced in Asia.
After 20 years of experience in the Chinese martial arts, Sifu Scott decided to greatly modify this form to include numerous important principles including ground work that is not represented in the original form. His version is now unique to his school.
This Form expands a student's understanding and skills of all Five Animals - Dragon, Snake, Crane, Tiger and Panther.