Scott's Siu Lum Kuen Adult Curriculum

Forms Information

Iron Wire Fist - Tit Sin Kuen
This form is a Qi Gung (Qi Gong) set that is considered the most advanced set in Hung Kuen. There are many legends and extravagant stories associated to this form. This form is believed to be essential for a higher development of the 12 main bridging methods, internal and external power, etc.
Because of Sifu Scott's extensive training in Qi Gung and Traditional Chinese Medicine under Sifu Augustine Fong his perspective of this form is based on insight and experience. Although this is a very good form to further develop the skills taught in Hung Kuen, Sifu Christopher Scott believes practitioners should use common sense and experience to understand forms like these before they simply believe in farfetched stories related to the forms. All of the forms we teach possess important principles. There is no magical form a student can learn to make their skills great. A student should expect to practice for many years and through many development methods before their skills will begin to become part of their being. All of the forms taught in Scott's Siu Lum contain Qi Gung development. But the most important training is the system as a whole. Only through this process will a student eventually develop true insight.