Scott's Siu Lum Kuen Adult Curriculum

Forms Information

18 Monk Fist -  Sup Baat Lohan Kuen
The above form was taught to Sifu Christopher Scott's by his older Tai Chi sister Carina while attending Sifu Augustine Fong's school. This is the Choy Li Fut version taught directly to Carina by Sifu Doc Fai Wong.
The 18 Lohan Form, according to legend, was one of the 3 main sets of exercises taught to the Siu Lum (Shaolin) Monks by Da Mo or Bodhidarma (the father of Chan/Zen) some 1500 years ago. This is one of the forms that make up the foundation of the original Chan (Zen) practice. Born in Siu Lum (Shaolin) it is believed to be the mother form to most modern day martial arts. 
This form is an excellent Qi Gung set to develop the whole body. It could be considered a martial arts Yoga set. It contains excellent stretching, stance work and breath development.
It is a very well balanced internal and external Qi Gung set.