Sifu Christopher Scott spent his early years of training with Sifu Frank Bruno who’s lineage traces back to
Kenpo's Ed Parker and Kung (Gung) Fu’s Sal Tallbear. Thanks to his older Gung Fu brother he has direct lineage
back to Hung Gar’s Wong Fei Hung.

After Sifu Frank died tragically Sifu Scott was lucky enough to spend more than 10 years studying Tai Chi, Gung
Fu, Qi Gung and Chinese Medicine under Sifu Fong who’s lineages trace directly back to Wing Chun’s Ho Kam
Ming and Yip (Ip) Man (Bruce Lee’s teacher) and Tai Chi’s Cheng Man Ching and Yang Cheng Fu.

Sifu Scott has spent his entire life around the Asian cultures and the majority of his adult life training with the
best of the best, both in the US and Asia. These family lines not only trace directly back to the most famous
Martial Art families but also to the most famous Shaolin Monks and Monasteries in history.
Sifu Scott's Lineage
Tai Chi Chuan Lineage

Chiang Fah
Chen Wang-Ting 1597-1664 (Chen Style)
Chen Chang-Hsing
Yang Lu-Chan 1799-1872 (Yang Style)
Yang Cheng-Hou
Yang Cheng-Fu
Cheng Man-Ch’ing
Benjamin Lo
Pat Chan
Augustine Fong
Christopher Scott
© Christopher Scott, 2020
I would like to give a special thanks to some of the people who helped me along the way; Carina Carrincione (for
the diligent training), Carla Mann and Sifu Gene Fink (for all the hard work and support).

To my teachers: Sifu Frank (may you rest in peace) and Simo Arlene Bruno (for my foundation), Sifu Mike and Sifu
Gary (for helping to expand my knowledge). And last I want to thank Sifu Augustine Fong not just for teaching me
a much deeper understanding of the martial arts and healing, but for his spiritual guidance, direction and so
much more. I could never thank all of you enough!

Sifu Christopher Scott
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