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Scott’s Nam Siu Lum Kuen is built mainly on the principles of Hung Kuen or Hung Gar / Ga (also known as Hung’s
Five Shape Fist or Five Animal Fist). This system consists of both internal and external principles and is one of the
most famous gung (kung) fu system in China. Because of great Hung Kuen Masters like Wong Kei Ying (one of the
Ten Tigers of Canton, 10 of the best masters in China) and his son Wong Fei Hung (the most famous folk hero in
China), the Hung system is highly respected. Hung Ga’s Snake & Crane are also considered by many to be the
mother systems of Wing Chun Kuen.
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Many of Sifu Scott’s current students have trained extensively in other martial arts some with the experience of
40 years or more, only to find out that their previous training was extremely limited compared to what they found
with Sifu Scott.

Sifu Scott continues to uphold the traditional training methods, principles and philosophies of living in balance.
Traditional does not mean that the system is not adaptable to modern times or does not continue to evolve with
the next generation of practitioners. Traditional does mean that we respect the wisdom of the past masters and
ancestors who developed the system. Numerous generations of great masters have added their experience to
create what exists now, it would be highly arrogant not to respect their knowledge. The system was developed
during volatile war times so all aspects of fighting and self defense (stand up, ground work, grappling, kicking,
etc.) were combined or mixed into a complete and comprehensive system (to be used against skilled fighters and
other martial art systems). This means the system is one of the oldest forms of proven “Mixed Martial Arts” in the
world (not a new concept as people seem to think). It would be highly ignorant to assume that great masters who
had to fight hand to hand for survival would not have thought to combine the very best of different styles to create
even better and more effective systems. The styles were combined for true survival, not for competitive MMA.
Many of the training methods and principles are very difficult to find and are unique to only a handful of Traditional
Chinese systems. These principles were kept secret and taught to only dedicated, closed door students.
Cultural Revolution and Modern Wushu.

This type of training is taught by only a handful of instructors around the world.   
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Scott's Yang Tai Chi Chuan - Sifu’s Tai Chi Lineage

Sifu Christopher Scott has over 28 years experience and is an 8th generation practitioner of Yang Style Tai Chi
Chuan. He strictly adheres to the traditional training methods. Sifu Scott trained directly under Sifu Augustine
Fong for over 10 years and eventually taught classes under Sifu Fong’s direction. Because Sifu Fong grew up and
trained in gung fu in Hong Kong under the very best, his understanding of traditional training is as good as it gets.
Thanks to Sifu Fong’s generosity Sifu Scott now continues this tradition. This level of training in Tai Chi Chuan is
very difficult to find.

Two of Sifu Scott’s current students have over 40 years experience each in martial arts and now train in Sifu
Scott’s Tai Chi. When they first touched hands with Sifu Scott they were given the opportunity to try anything they
wanted only to find out that none of their previous martial arts training worked against Sifu Scott’s Tai Chi Chuan.

One of the two students also spent 6 years training Yang Tai Chi under a very well known Tai Chi / Wushu / Kung
Fu Teacher in the Clear Lake area. After training with Sifu Scott he quickly found out that the previous teacher’s
knowledge about Tai Chi was very limited. From that teacher he learned Tai Chi based on looking good. He was
taught the 24 step short form which was approved by the communist government for competition and
demonstration purposes only, the most important principles were removed from the form leaving it a hollow shell
with little use but for looking good. The Chinese have a saying “What only looks good often has no use.” Sifu Scott
teaches Tai Chi that came out of China before the
The Cultural Revolution and Modern Wushu. He teaches both
Cheng Man Ching’s modified set and the traditional 108 section long form. Both forms are too long for
demonstrations and are designed to develop the foundation principles that make up the system of Yang Tai Chi
Chuan. Teachers that try to teach more than one system or style of Tai Chi do not follow the tradition of strict
loyalty and they also do not truly understand the amount of work and discipline it takes to master one system.
Teaching more than one system is to know a little about many things but to know a lot about nothing. The Chinese
who developed these systems knew and understood this, that is one reason why strict loyalty was expected.

Tai Chi Chuan translates as “The Supreme Ultimate Fist” and is a powerful and an extremely effective martial art
system when taught properly. Without the proper in-depth development of push hands one will never truly
understand the powerful principles or gain the complete health benefits that make up the system of Tai Chi
Chuan. The traditional Masters commonly said “To know Tai Chi one must be highly proficient  in push hands”.
Those that only learn the Tai Chi forms without the complete system of Tai Chi Chuan will be trying to understand
a language by only reciting the alphabet. The most important lessons mentally, physically and spiritually are
developed and understood through the diligent practice of Tai Chi Chuan as a complete system which has to
include a dedicated, loyal and detailed practice of push hands with a proficient and knowledgeable instructor.

Tai Chi is based on the balance of yin and yang. Through the regular practice of Tai Chi a healthy balance mentally,
physically and spiritually can be achieved. Many believe that through the proper practice of Tai Chi one can
restore and preserve their youthful vigor and well-being.

Sifu Scott teaches Hand forms, weapon forms, qi gung, theories, development exercises, push hands, self
defense applications, etc.

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© Christopher Scott, 2020
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Siu Lum (Shaolin) Hung Gar
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