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Seabrook Texas
Seabrook TX

No Contracts - Private - World Class Training

Authentic Martial Arts in Seabrook, Texas TX. We provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn in depth and Authentic Chinese Martial Arts, Yang Tai Chi, Qi Gung (Qigong) and Chinese Healing Arts in Seabrook, Texas. This is truly an elite school with some of the strongest direct lineages back to some of the greatest and most famous Masters in Martial Arts History. These family lines not only trace directly back to the most famous Martial Art families but also to the most famous Shaolin Monks and Monasteries in history.

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts are the mother systems to all modern day Martial Arts including, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Korean Martial Arts and so on. The Martial Arts we teach were developed to be complete and versatile (all aspects of self defense - stand up, ground work, grappling, kicking, etc. are taught), used not only for health maintenance and powerful self defense but also designed to be highly effective against other martial art styles and fighting systems. We teach certain principles and methods that are taught in only a handful of schools around the world.

We teach our students to develop a balance between the physical, mental and spiritual. We teach true martial ethics unlike schools who focus on money and greed. Many of Sifu Scott's current students have spent their lives training, some with the experience of 35 years or more. They come to expand their knowledge and help lead newer students in their quest for the best elite Martial Arts training available.


Lakeside Center 2900 NASA Parkway #260
Seabrook, Texas 77586
(281) 409-2320