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I've trained under Sifu Scott for nearly 4 years. I previously spent over 30 years studying martial arts in other prominent schools in the Houston area. What I found with Sifu Scott is extraordinary and profound martial arts development. Sifu Scott teaches Authentic Chinese Martial Arts. The methods and principles that these systems follow are extremely ingenious. Many of the principles and training methods I've never experienced in the other martial arts that I spent more than 30 years studying. The Gung Fu system and the Tai Chi system are the most effective martial art systems I've ever seen. The Gung Fu system incorporates all aspects of self-defense including ground work, stand up, striking, kicking, joint control, balance control and the Tai Chi specializes in controlling an opponent's balance, joint control and delivering devastating explosive power when the timing is right. Both systems are very effective in countering and controlling the methods that other martial arts use.
I spent 6 years previously studying Tai Chi under a well-known instructor in the Clear Lake area and never learned any significant martial arts applications; we simply stretched and then practice the form. Since studying Tai Chi with Sifu Scott I have developed a much deeper understanding of the true power of Tai Chi. So Much is learned through the practice of Push Hands that you would never understand by simply practicing a form.
All of these lessons are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Sifu Scott expects his students to work hard but he emphasis enjoying what we practice.

Seabrook, TX

"I have had the good fortune of passing through Sifu Chris Scott's life in many different roles.
Sifu Chris was a student of the Kenpo school where I studied and taught over 20 years ago. He was very respectful of his teachers, classmates, and was a hard worker.
In addition to Chinese Kenpo, Sifu Chris began studying Chinese Medicine, which became very important for me, as I suffered from herniated discs in my back. Using the principles of Chinese Medicine Sifu Chris helped me completely recover without surgery.
Sifu Chris continued to study Chinese medicine, Siu Lum Gung Fu (Kung Fu), and Tai Chi. We then lost touch for a number of years.
Once I returned to Tucson, I found an ad for Scott's Siu Lum Gung Fu. What I found was a greatly expanded understanding of Martial Arts. Sifu brought many aspects of meditation, inner self examination, and philosophy in addition to core training techniques into each training session. Many of these aspects of martial arts, I had never experienced before.
Sifu Chris has an incredible ability to simplify self defense movements down to their essentials, enabling a student to learn a set of principles that can be applied to any situation.
Sifu Chris is the genuine article. Anyone who has the opportunity to study under Sifu Chris is very lucky and should "empty your cup" of any preconceived ideas, then be the "biggest sponge" you can possibly be to absorb as much of his training and knowledge as you can.

Sifu Gene Fink
Tucson, AZ

     My entire life, I have had a passion for practicing, watching, and competing in martial arts. I had trained for 12 years in various styles such as Karate, Boxing, and Muay Thai with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a Mixed Martial Arts format before I found Sifu Scott. When I first began I found that my background was not very effective in comparison and was quickly humbled by a student who had only been training in Gung Fu for less than two years. After learning for only a month with Sifu Chris I was ready to throw all of my past training out the window!

     I have been training with Sifu Scott for a year and have gotten far more insight and skill than all of my previous experience. Sifu is a great teacher with an immense understanding of an extremely effective reality based system of traditional Chinese martial arts. His methods of teaching are based in logic and are easy to understand leaving you with a deeper understanding of what you are learning. He has taught me not only martial arts but also how to be a better person.

League City, TX

"I met Sifu Chris Scott through a mutual friend and decided I wanted to learn more about meditation through the art of Qi Gung. Sifu Chris came highly recommended. After I began I saw how much more calm and relaxed I was and how the training was giving me the ability to control my mind. I got better sleep and was feeling much more at ease about life. Although I have a great respect for yoga, the Qi Gung seemed easier to learn and fit my personality better.
Sifu Chris and one of his students suggested that I might train in some of the Martial Arts that he offered. It has now been over nine years. The methods that Sifu Chris teaches are extremely effective, but he teaches in a way that is not intimidating. Many of Sifu's students came looking for more after training in other styles. I saw first hand how powerful my skills had become by training with the other students. To my surprise I was able to control men who were larger and stronger than me.
Sifu Chris teaches that the principles and methods we use in the classes can be applied to everyday life. Through his clear and simple explanations he demonstrates how the students can easily incorporate their training into their lifestyle. I have had the unique experience of personally witnessing some of the most famous masters from around the world perform demonstrations. I have only seen a handful of teachers with the knowledge and experience that Sifu Chris has developed. I have also had the privilege of being taught and treated with the methods of Asian medicine that Sifu Chris uses and I know from experience how powerful they are.
If you want the highest quality training with one of the best teachers you will find, you should consider training at the Asian Arts & Health Center."

Seabrook, TX

I served 15 years as a US Marine; a majority of that career was spent leading Infantry Marines into demanding situations.  During that time I studied several forms of Martial Arts, both as formal training and off duty instruction in order to be proficient in my profession.  This is the best realistic training that translates to a real world application I have ever seen.

Sifu Chris demonstrates skill, dedication, and expertise that surpass any of the teachers that I have had in the past.  His ability to instruct and clarify not only the "how" but also the "why" of what you are learning imparts a much deeper level of teaching than I have experienced before. 


I have studied under Sifu Chris and Simo Carla in the Gung Fu program for just under a year and a half. After my first couple of training sessions, it became evident to me that I was very fortunate to have found them so close to where I live.

Lessons are run personally by the Sifu, and during exercises, he is active in the training area, improving the techniques and form of beginners as well as more experienced students. Students are encouraged to ask questions about what they're learning, and Sifu Chris makes a point of being available to provide answers. Rather than teaching a set of increasingly complicated and unrealistic techniques that only work in very specific circumstances, instruction is focused on cultivating a set of core principles that can then be applied as the situation calls for them.

Sifu Chris expects students to work hard, but the atmosphere is fun and cooperative, and there is no competition or jockeying for position among members of the school. It is very clear that egos are to be left at the door, and the only concerns for a student while training are to improve in the style, and help others improve in the style, thereby improving the school as a whole. Sifu Chris also tailors his instruction based on the individual needs of the student; the end result of all of this is feeling constantly challenged without being stressed or overwhelmed.

Not limited to only improving fighting techniques, training here also involves internal development and personal improvement, and students are shown ways that the lessons learned in class can be applied in other aspects of life. Open-mindedness is highly valued, whether toward different religions, different cultures, or just different ideas.

All in all, I am glad to have the opportunity to train under Sifu Scott.

Friendswood, TX

Oh my God JAMES! I couldn't have said it better myself. I totally agree dude.

I would have said more, but shoot James you and the other students took the good words right out of my mouth and left me with nothing else to say.

And like you James I am also glad to have this opportunity.

Houston, TX

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