Scott's Siu Lum Kuen Adult Program
Positive Behavior Skills

Personal Skills

- Serve the good of the group, be considerate of others.
- Respect & support the leadership.
- Respect other cultures and beliefs.
- Be kind, open hearted and practice equality.
- Do your share and stay organized.
- Admit to your mistakes, and work at correcting them.
- Help others, but don't do their work for them.
- Speak up when needed, and be quiet when needed.
- When speaking use the "I" language. In other words speak for yourself not for others.
- Ask clear questions.
- Work hard and have fun.

Positive Self Leadership Tasks

- Take responsibility for yourself and your own learning.
- If something needs doing, do it.
- If you don't understand, ask appropriate questions to find out.
- Enjoy your surroundings, and maintain your sense of humor.
- Help others succeed.
- Push yourself.
- Admit to your mistakes and be honest, own what you say.
- If it is not safe for the group, don't do it.
- Learn from your experiences.

Adversity Skills

- Learn to enjoy and endure challenges and turn them into positive opportunities.
- See choices as numerous options and combinations, not either/or.
- Flow without resistance with things that you can not control.
- Use humor to lighten situations and keep things in perspective.

Self-Awareness Skills

- Try to understand your abilities and limitations.
- Learn from experience and try to improve.
- Be clear and honest with others.
- Seek feedback.

Active Skills

- Initiate
- Motivate (can do attitude)
- Stay open and flexible.
- Have empathy and support equality for others.


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