After operating the Asian Arts & Health Center in the Clear Lake area of Texas for 8 years Sifu Scott decided to
close the doors and only teach serious and dedicated students at his private training facility away from the
nonsense of commercial Martial Arts.

Sifu Christopher Scott, (L. Ac., Practitioner of Chinese Medicine) has more than 29 years experience in Chinese
Martial Arts. Sifu Scott provides World Class instruction in authentic Chinese Martial Arts or Kung Fu
(pronounced "Gung Fu" in Cantonese). Sifu Scott teaches Scott’s Siu Lum Kuen - which is mainly Hung Gar (Ga)
and Southern Siu Lum (Shaolin). He is also an 8th generation practitioner of authentic Yang Tai Chi Chuan.
Additional instruction is provided in the practice of Qi Gung (Qigong) and Traditional Chinese Healing Arts in the
Houston, Texas area.

Sifu Scott has been featured on television and in newspapers and magazines including the “News 13 This
Morning Show” Tucson, AZ., the “Foothills Today Magazine”, “The Tucson Citizen”, the “Fit for Life” program
promotion on KVOA Channel 4 in Tucson, AZ., on the “CBS Evening News Channel 13” in Houston, TX., on SGN
Television, Houston, TX., and in the “Bay Area Houston Magazine”.

Sifu Scott has direct lineage back to some of the most famous Masters in Martial Arts History. These family
lines not only trace directly back to the most famous Martial Art families but also to the most famous Shaolin
Monks and Monasteries in history.

The main principles and methods of Scott's Siu Lum Kuen were highly developed during volatile war times to be
complete and versatile. All aspects of self defense - stand up, ground work, grappling, kicking, etc are taught,
used not only for health maintenance and powerful self defense but also designed to be highly effective against
other martial art styles and fighting systems. Sifu Scott teaches certain principles and methods that are taught
by only a handful of instructors around the world. Many of Sifu Scott’s current students have spent much of
their lives training in Martial Arts, some with the experience of 40 years or more. They come to expand their
knowledge in their quest for some of the most elite Martial Arts training available.
© Christopher Scott, 2020
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Siu Lum (Shaolin) Hung Gar
Scott's Authentic Siu Lum Kuen & Yang Tai Chi Chuan